Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Scratch my last idea. Picture this: Fantasy Shadow Cabinet

Scratch my last idea. Picture this: Fantasy Shadow Cabinet. It would work a lot like Fantasy Football. You pick your imaginary team (in this case MPs) and then get weekly points depending on how well each of the players have performed.

When you first sign up you start with X amount of influence so you can buy around 20 MPs and assign them positions on your Fantasy Shadow Cabinet. Each Labour MP will be worth different amounts of influence with Margaret Beckett (known for claiming £600 worth of hanging baskets during the expenses scandal and who has probably passed her career climax) being somewhere towards the cheaper end of the spectrum and Tom Watson, renowned for his ruthless opposition to Rupert Murdoch and already a member of Shadow Cabinet, being one of the most expensive MPs to buy.

Then each week your MPs will get points assigned to them for promotions, transfers, asking questions in parliament, and being a good egg in general. However your Fantasy Shadow Cabinet can be penalised for being demoted, resigning, getting bad press, or any general blunders (such as reading an autocue wrong, falling over, or eating a bacon sandwich in a funny way.)

You can go head to head with your friends, set up a league at work, or simply play for fun. Regardless of how you decide to play, with the turmoil in the Labour party currently and the prospect of a new Shadow Cabinet daily, this is the perfect time to play this game - as soon as it has been invented.

A mockup of summer 2016's hot new online game