Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Who is the sexiest Member of Parliament?

SexyMP.co.uk has went about answering the question that literally nobody is asking: who is the sexiest MP? The simple website presents visitors with two pictures of random MPs and they need to pick the one they find sexier. At the bottom of the page is the leader board so visitors can review where their member of parliament ranks.

The website, apart from being "the first ever parliamentary beauty contest", is also a quirky way of getting the British public to know their MPs.

More attention has been drawn to the website this week as it was revealed by The Telegraph that it was it is the most popular banned website in Parliament with staff trying to access the website 484,683 times. Sadly for them, most of the attempts were blocked by internet filters. The Urban Dictionary came in second with over 155,000 hits.

(At the time of writing, the Prime Minister David Cameron was ranked #209 and, the ex-leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband was ranked #231.)