Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My 2015 Technology Predictions

  • Spring Launch of the Apple Watch. It will cost a fortune.
  • iPhone 6S with a faster processor and better battery life (as per usual). It will also have... well... what else can they improve on?
  • Apple to finally radically improve the Apple TV.
  • iTunes to be available from iCloud on the web so your music library is in the cloud.
  • Android M is launched - (Marshmallow maybe?)
  • First Android Auto vehicles get unveiled.
  • Android TV.
  • An explosion in Android Wear devices.
  • Another Microsoft Surface - maybe with no kickstand at all
  • Touch-friendly versions of Microsoft Office (similar to what is available for iPad) developed for Windows 8/Windows 10 devices.
  • New, faster, more functional Internet browser.
  • Cortana to be pushed out to more Internet devices. 
  • Microsoft to make a smartwatch. Live tiles on your wrist - maybe also a kickstand if it is branded with 'Surface'.
  • Little updates to Windows Phone 8 (if any). Focus to be moved onto Windows Phone 10.
  • Pricing structure for Microsoft Office is sorted out (it is currently free on iPad however £60 on PCs)