Thursday, 8 January 2015

LG made a WebOS smartwatch (being used by Audi)

The former mobile operating system, webOS, has resurfaced recently as a smartwatch operating system being used by LG. Say hello to the LG webOS smartwatch (pictured right).

The new LG webOS smartwatch, discovered CES 2015, closely resembles the LG G Watch R and includes an NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a handful of native webOS apps including a calendar, music controller and a phone dialler. Unlike most Android Wear devices and the future Apple Watch, the LG webOS smartwatch has a cellular data connection which means that the smartwatch doesn’t need to be paired with a smartphone for full capabilities. Instead, the smartwatch can operate alone with built in text messaging, calling and Internet access.

It is clear that this version of webOS is built primarily for circular watch faces – unlike Android Wear which is more at home on square screens. The icons are circular and you slide between them in a seemingly never-ending spiral which fits on the screen perfectly. There is also a quick-settings screen which also utilises the screen in the way a smartwatch should.

Similarly to Android Wear, there is the ability to control the smartwatch via the user’s voice. How powerful this tool will be on webOS is still a mystery – just like most of the features on this watch actually.

Audi was spotted using the LG webOS smartwatch at their booth at CES 2015. They were using a unique watch face which they had developed themselves and the NFC chip on the inside to unlock the doors on the latest cars.

Neither the LG webOS smartwatch or even the smartwatch optimised version of webOS have been officially announced yet so it is unknown what smartphones the watch will be compatible with – if any, how much the LG webOS smartwatch will cost, or even if any other technology manufactures plan to use a similar version of webOS in the future