Friday, 3 January 2014

Microsoft “Project Siena”

Microsoft seems to always have had problems building up 'app marketplaces' on their devices from Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8. Their problem is that developers haven't had any urge to immediately build apps for these operating systems because they are not the most popular in the market – Windows and Windows Phone has a tiny fraction of the market share compared to iOS and Android in both the smartphone and tablet market.

However Microsoft has decided to tackle this problem by launching a Windows 8 app in beta which allows passionate Windows 8 users to easily build apps for the platform without needing to write a line of code! This works in Microsoft's favour as it means that there will be a steady trickle of fresh apps entering the 'app marketplace'.

Once the app is downloaded and opened (link:, you are shown a two minute tutorial video and then your blank canvas is presented on your screen. You can add content via the bar on the right hand side of the screen then add excel functions and edit the functions at the bottom.

Of course "Project Siena" isn't as powerful (or as complex) as app building programs like Virtual Studio however "Project Siena" is perfect for creating catalogues, guides and information logs of all variety. Once you have finished the app you can add a splash screen, icon and publish it – for free – to the Windows 8 'app marketplace'.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

What I've learnt in 2013...

In the last year I've learnt lots of important things so here is a list of the most important things I've learnt:

  • Old people look young if they are happy. 
  • There is a place in Boston where everybody knows your name. 
  • There are pressure points in my hand. 
  • The NSA know if Area 51 is real. 
  • Other words for ginger include auburn, strawberry blonde and orange. 
  • The American Government shut down because they were all depressed that 'Breaking Bad' ended. 
  • I am secretly mocking people when I suck up to them. 
  • Nothing ruins comedy like arenas. 
  • The old cool is now uncool and vice versa. 
  • Orange is the new black. 
  • You can be clever as Voltaire but it won't get you nowhere if you want to sell disks. 
  • Just because you've had a crush on someone for a long time doesn't make it a good excuse for them to go out with you. 
  • Innuendoes and double entendre are different things. 
  • Everybody Lies. 
  • Everybody Dies. 
  • Ed Balls lives in a cul-de-sac with his Australian brother Harry. 
  • People at helium factories speak funny.
  •  Ben Maclean rhymes with margarine. 
  • May day is the new Christmas. 
  • Kevin is the American Keith and Jim is the American Tim. 
  • Atticus is a cool name. 
  • It's a long way to the top if you want to rock 'n' roll. 
  • Americans pronounce 'crisps' funny. 
  • I dislike small-minded idiots. 
  • Unhappiness causes people to do irrational things. 
  • French is hard.