Sunday, 27 October 2013

Three reasons why you won’t be driving electric cars any time soon

It’s a well-known fact that fossil fuels are running out at a rapid pace and car manufacturers worldwide have been forced to search for an alternative fuel source to petrol and diesel. Companies such as Renault and Nissan have already built electric cars which can be charged at charging points which are situated at various places around England, Tesla even build a powerful electric car which can give super-cars a run for its money. Unfortunately though, electric cars are still ridiculously impractical. So, here are 3 reasons why the world won't be driving electric vehicles any time in the near future.

Charging Stations
A few weeks ago I was talking to a journalist who had spent a week with a Nissan Leaf (probably one of the most popular electric cars you can currently buy) and he hated it. It was ideal for whizzing round town in however anywhere further than 30 miles away he didn't dare venture to go just in case he didn't have enough power to make it back home. Even if there was a charging station at the place he was going, it takes so long for Leafs to recharge it makes them ridiculously unpractical. There is also the issue of finding a charging station, because there is not that many.

A Tesla Model S in America recently set on fire after the battery, which is situated on the bottom of the car, was struck by a piece of metal. Luckily fire fighters were able to put it out before it hand chance to get into the drivers compartment on the inside of the car.

Not Cars
Motoring enthusiasts love the sounds super-cars roar and spit out however unless you buy a CD with engine noises on, that thrilling sound will soon cease to exist. Electric Cars make little to no noise which not only makes them boring, also quite risky. Texting teenagers may not look up to see if there are any cars when they are crossing the road if they can't hear any engines, so my guess is going to be that there will be more road accidents as electric cars get more popular. The injuries caused by electric cars won't be severe though as most of the time they don't have the power to pick up that much speed anyway.