Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday 5th October 2013: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 5th October 2013 and...

Ghost Dating Website
Young people in their 20 or 30s are the people most likely to use a dating website, the odd OAP uses a dating website to however a whole new market has been blown open today as got launched - a dating website for ghosts.
Ghosts who are interested in using the new service just need to submit their gender, how many centuries old they are and how they died (either mysteriously, suddenly, tragically or horribly). Once the website has this information, ghosts are able to find their perfect matches. The site even gives dating tips for ghosts!

And on the subject of dating: App stops people from Iceland from dating their Relatives
There has not been much immigration to Iceland over the last few decades so most people from Iceland are actually related so an app has been launched which allows them to check if they are related to the person they are about to go on a date with. The app informs you if you should or shouldn't date them (anything closer than 3rd cousin is a big no no) and it gathers it's information from official records which accurately date back to 1703!