Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nokia Windows RT Tablet Rumored

Windows RT is basically a cheap version of Windows 8 which runs slightly slower chips than normal Windows 8 and it doesn't let users download software. You can however use the apps from the Marketplace and Microsoft Office 2013 which is pre-installed. Windows RT is only good for devices similar to the iPad; anything bigger and you will want Windows 8 Pro, anything smaller you'll want Windows Phone 8. Earlier this month both Asus and Lenovo announced that they would no longer make Windows 8 RT devices because of its lack of success. Despite this, it seems Nokia is about to launch its very first tablet - and it will run Windows RT!

The rumored RT tablet, named Sirius, is apparently a 10.1-inch, extremely light device with 2GB ram and 32GB of internal storage. It will be priced around the £400 mark and it will have a detachable keyboard similar to the Microsoft Surface however the keyboard will also have a charger in it.
The Nokia Sirius' design is similar to Nokia Lumia's (apart from bigger of course) and it is thinner than the current iPad. Nokia is planning to have a 6MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front of the device which will also come in a verity of colours. If you need to plug something in, the Sirius boasts a micro USB port, microSD port and a micro HDMI port. Finally, like all modern tablets, it will be compatible with 4G connectivity.

Nokia is also apparently planning a Phablet code named 'Bandit' (aka the Nokia Lumia 1520). It will have a 6-inch 1080p HD display on the front which is so big the version of Windows Phone 8 which it is running had had to be adapted.

Both of these major devices will probably be announced at Nokia's event on the 26th October so they are out in time before Microsoft launches Windows 8.1 and some updates for Windows Phone 8.

Above: The only picture of the rumored Nokia Sirius
Left: Windows Phone 8 adapted for a 1080p display.