Sunday, 29 September 2013

Best Camping Gadgets

More and more people go camping every day and because of its increasing popularity there are thousands of gadgets trying to make your camping trip more relaxing so you can enjoy the tranquility of the countryside more.

Biolite Campstove
One of them, probably my favorite one too, is the Biolite Campstove. For around £80 you can purchase this minuet yet powerful stove. Once you’ve lit it with a small amount of cindering, the special vents situated around the stove doing the rest of the work keeping the fire inside burning hot. Plus, this stove can charge your smartphone (or anything that charges via USB), it simply uses the flames to power it!
The company behind this awesome invention have recently released on a kettle and a grill that clip on top of the camp stove, it heats them up swiftly and efficiently.

Petzl Nao Headlamp
This head torch is the king of all head torches, it uses sensors to detect how far you are looking and adjusts the brightness of the light depending on that.
The light also predicts where you will look next and it shines the light there also so when you are navigating your way bag from the bogs in the middle of the night you don’t fall into a fire pit or river.
The Headlamp costs around £110 and it is, without a doubt, the most impractical thing you would ever buy. It has a box strapped to the back where the battery and computer is and the build quality isn’t the best; there are lots of unnecessary wires, so I doubt it would survive a week at camp.

Hi Gear 5 LED Remote Control Tent Light
When you return to your warm sleeping bag at night you don’t want to be scrambling around in the dark tent looking for your torch so why not just install a Hi Gear 5 LED RC Tent Light in the roof of your tent. Just keep the remote in your pocket and click the lights on when you need to enter your tent. The battery life lasts for around 36 hours which is pretty decently considering you won’t need it for any more than a hour every night and for only £15, you can’t go wrong!

Ever had one of those meals where are panicking because you can’t decide if you’ll need a spoon or knife and fork? Well, worry no longer, you can now do all 3 at once with a Spork!
Not all gadgets need to be complicated and expensive, in fact some of the best gadgets (like the Spork) are extremely simple.
As you probably guessed by the name, a Spork is a spoon, knife and fork all in one which makes it perfect for any meal at camp.
It’s a well known fact that you’re not a proper camper until you have owned a Spork!