Friday, 16 August 2013

Who to blame: or its users?

Recently there has been lots of speculation about and if it is safe for children and teenagers to use. The service allows its users to anomalously ask other users questions about anything however people have abused this privilege and the site has became a centre for cyberbullying.

Recently Hannah Smith, 14, has been a victim of cyber bullying on and since she hanged herself a few weeks ago major sponsors have pulled out of including Specsavers, Vodafone, Laura Ashley and ironically Save the Children.

There have now also been calls from consumers and users demanding that the website is shut down - however would that reduce the amount of cyber bullying? At the end of the day is only a window for bullies to use and if the window was closed the bullies would find another window to intimidate people.

This is a contrevertial subjct and says cyber bullying is against their terms of use so anyone who does verablly abuse anyone on the site is breaking the rules. doesn't have any employees moderating the site or blocking key words. Maybe this should be introduced in the near future before another tragic incident happens.