Saturday, 31 August 2013

Saturday 31st August 2013: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 31st August 2013 and...

Gojee Redesign
Gojee used to be a Java written website where users could input what ingredients they had in their kitchen and then Gojee would recommend a recipe they could make. The service was slow because there was so much Javascript and the recipes were sometimes questionable because they required a lot more ingredients than you inputted. The layout was stylish though and if you were craving a food (for me that is usually chocolate) the website would come up with some scrumptious recipes for you.

However Gojee has had a major redesign. The website is still stylish and beautifully made however it is now also a lot quicker and easier to use. You can favourite dishes so their recipe will be stored somewhere safe in your account and you can now filter the recipes by what meal you are wanting (e.g breakfast, lunch, supper).

Netflix 'My List'
Only weeks after the launch of Netflix launched 'profiles' so different users can have different profiles under the same Netflix account, they have just announced and launched a feature called 'My List' which allows users to create a single list of programs and films they want to watch later.

The most ugly piece of technology ever?
Nintendo is still failing
Nintendo, earlier this week, did two things. 1 - reduce the price of the Wii U which has been an unbelievable failure and 2 - announce a new Nintendo DS. It is called the 2DS and it is like the 3DS apart from it is lacking one dimension. It is also lacking a hinge making the device look uncomfortable to hold and look like a lopsided tablet.

Anyway, the Nintendo Wii U's price will reduce from $349.99 to $299.99. This comes only months after the the company behind Nintendo's flagship game 'Zombie U' announced that it was hardly worth running the servers because so little people played the game. Even the Nintendo fans who queued up overnight to buy the Wii U were soon disappointed with the console. Compared to the XBOX One and the PlayStation 4 (which will be launching later this year), the Wii U is not even in the same league.

The Nintendo 2DS (pictured above) will cost $129.99 and will launch on October 12th. It is compatible will all current Nintendo DS games - even the 3D ones - and it comes in a variety of colours to appeal to the childrens market.