Sunday, 4 August 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 and Windows Phone 8 Apps

The back of the Nokia Lumia 1020
During July Nokia held a press event where they announced the Nokia Lumia 1020 which photographers and artists have been waiting for. The Nokia Lumia 1020 looks extremely similar to the Lumia 920 apart from the 41 megapixel camera bulging out of the back.

As expected then, this phone takes photographs of an unbelievably quality however that is probably the only unique feature. This phone seriously lacks in some areas. For one, it runs Windows Phone 8 which doesn't have many users or apps, because of the huge camera it also can't lay straight on a table and when you have taken a 41MP photo you need to plug your Lumia into your computer to access it.

However, you could argue that it has an outstanding screen, unique Nokia apps exclusive to Lumia phones and unlimited options for when you are taking photographs because of the camera app Nokia has built exclusively for this huge phone. The camera app called 'Nokia Pro Cam' and it lets you add filters, adjust white balance and change a variety of settings in real time so you can see the results instantly.

Overall, this phone is ideal for photographers and arty people as it takes amazing photos however in my opinion it is held back by it's operating system. I can imagine this phone could be more popular and more profitable if it was running Android however we will need to wait to see if the Windows Phone gamble will pay off for Nokia.

At this event Nokia also announced some new apps which will be coming to the Windows Phone 8 app marketplace. These included Path, Vine, Flipboard and an Instagram client which lets you allow users to upload pictures 'officially'.