Saturday, 31 August 2013

Facebook Beta App for Windows Phone 7

Facebook and Microsoft have always been close friends, Microsoft has never needed to beg Facebook to build an app for them like what they have with other companies and Facebook has always been keen to work with Microsoft. This relationship is probably so good because Microsoft funded Facebook millions of pounds when it was just getting started.

Anyway, in an unexpected move, Joe Belfiore (the man who runs the team behind Windows Phone design and definition) early this morning Tweeted a link to the Windows Phone 7 marketplace where users can download a new Facebook Beta app.

The app is similar to the Windows Phone 8 app in most aspects and it look really good. There are no dodgy animation, transitions or graphics; everything surprisingly runs smoothly. There are a few issues that need resolving though (however that is expected since this is a beta) and they will undoubtedly be fixed in the near future.