Friday, 5 July 2013

Waterloo Road Season 8 Finale

There is something about Waterloo Road, I can't tell whether it is the romance, drama, creativity or characters which makes it a gripping and entertaining show which you will tune in every week to watch.

Waterloo Road is completely unique and there is nothing even remotely similar the show on television. It is a one hour weekly drama set in a modern secondary school in Scotland where the show follows the story of approximately 15 teachers and pupils. Some of them are smart, others selfish, others grumpy however all of them make the show what it is.

Since Waterloo Road started in 2006 not a single member of the cast has stayed the same. Most of them even moved onto bigger and better things. Jenna Louise Coleman who starred in season 4 of the show now plays as the Doctor's companion in Doctor Who, Robson Green went onto his own fishing show and the show currently stars dancer, George Sampson.

Waterloo Road appeals to most audiences, teenagers watch it because it is set in a school and adults watch it because they can feel nostalgic and remember what school was like.

The storylines can be a bit unrealistic sometimes however on the whole, Waterloo Road is a thoroughly enjoyable and fresh program which over 5.1 million people watch every week.

Last night it was the finale of Season 8 of Waterloo Road and it was unforgettable. It concluded with the departure of Tom Clarkson; he fell off the school roof trying to save a pupil. The writers cleverly tied up all the loose ends from this series but left you still wanting more. I can't wait until season 9 starts later this year.