Thursday, 4 July 2013

Vine 1.3

Vine 1.3
A few weeks ago Instagram released a huge update allowing users to upload videos and add filters to them. So to keep up with the competition, Vine released version 1.3 earlier this week which adds loads of new tools and features.

We all know that Vine is owned by Twitter and the most popular thing you can do with Twitter is retweet something so Vine is following in her mother's footprints and now allows you to revine videos so all of your followers can see the Vines you love.

Recording a Vine has now got more complex as there are now new options you can use. You can now add a grid onto your screen, you can use a new focus button however when I tried it it made no difference to what I was recording and finally there is a ghost tool which overlays your last frame over the camera so you can be more imaginative when recording. I'd recommend that you update your Vine app to experience these new tools yourself.

The Vine Channels
Also, like Twitter, Vine is now supporting protected accounts which only people with permission can view.

If you want to opposite to that (more people to see your Vines), you can add your 6-second videos to a channel. There is a channel for most things from comedy to cats. You just select the channel on the upload page.

Finally, like every update to every app, there has been bug fixes and the app has been made faster.

Overall, although it might not seem like much, this is a major update which has made the app more of a pleasure to use. Vine 1.3 shows that Twitter is determined to beat Instagram to make the best micro-video sharing app.