Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saturday 6th July 2013: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 6th July 2013 and...

Minecraft 1.6
Earlier this month version 1.6 of Minecraft was released. It includes various bug fixes and some much anticipated new items.
Horses, donkeys, mules, foals, skeleton horses and undead horses have been added to the game which you can tame and ride, put armour on to and tie up next to your house.You can feed them on hay bales which you need grow or various other vegetables.
The horses come in a variety of shades between black and white and there are apparently 35 different breeds altogether. Like any other mob on the game their health can increase and decrease depending on circumstances and they can breed with each other if you feed them a golden apple or golden carrot.
Also in 1.6 comes the addition of carpets you can decorate your house/castle/barn/secret underground cave even better!

Top Gear Season 20
Last Sunday at 8PM season 20 of Top Gear started and it was great. Jeremy and James raced across new Zealand, they got a new 'reasonably priced car' and Richard tested hot hatchbacks. Surprisingly the show is currently one of the most popular things on television worldwide and they haven't changed their format in over 10 years! They have a winning formula and are keeping with it... which is probably the best thing they could do.