Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Is the PlayStation 4 actually cheaper than the XBOX One?

There are many great features on games that will soon be launching on the XBOX One however this is my favourite feature.

On Forza Motorsport 5 the way you play will be recorded, uploaded to the cloud and then processed. So if you cut corners, always drive on one side of the track and are always crashing it will be noted so then your friends can play with a simulated version of you whenever they want. The simulated you will have your same driving style and act online just like you would.

On a different note, if you are a hardcore gamer and are unsure which console to get out of the PS4 and the XBOX One I would look at all the advantages and disadvantages. Not just go for the cheaper option (PS4.)

The PlayStation 4 Eye
The XBOX One will cost £429 in the UK and for that you get the console itself and the new Kinnect. The PlayStation 4 however will cost £349 but the PlayStation 4 Eye (which is the equivalent to the Kinnect) will apparently cost an additional £80; unfortunately the exact price hasn't been confirmed yet. So although the PlayStation 4 may seem cheaper at first, that is only because you are not getting as much as the XBOX One.

In conclusion, I'm looking forward to the launch of the XBOX One and the PlayStation 4 just so I can see which one is most popular and what the consumer thinks of them both.