Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Is Formula 1 boring?

Over the last few years Formula One has became extremely technical and taken over by regulations and 'health and safety' however has this killed the sport?

It is good news now that Formula 1 drivers no longer die during races and that there are no terrible crashes however it is crashes that make F1 what it is. Crashes is not the only thing that modern F1 is lacking, taking over and unexpected wins have also been decreasing over the last 5 years. Watching cars drive round the same track for ninety minutes is not entertaining anymore.

So - instead of just complaining I have came up with a solution. Make tracks wider - a lot wider. The Monaco F1 track is an iconic street circuit however it is hardly ideal! There is not much run off area, no space for taking over and since it is a street circuit it means that the track is only as wide as the road.

I was at Croft Circuit last weekend and watching the touring cars. As the day went on the weather got worse  until the cars were slipping around like they were on ice. Almost all the cars had run off the track by the end of the last race. This made me think about the same situation in F1 - it just wouldn't happen. As soon as their is a small drizzle over the track the commentators exaggerate the situation, there are yellow flags waving and safety cars get sent out before any action can happen. This is understandable since F1 cars aren't as protected and easy to drive as touring cars however I think the rules should be changed so they are forced to drive in the rain!