Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Is BlackBerry 10 Hardware ugly?

The BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry 10 is a failure of a operating system. There are currently only 3 mobile devices which run BlackBerry 10: the Q10, the Z10 and the Q5.

The Z10 was launched at the same time of the launch of BlackBerry 10 and it is a touchscreen smartphone with no physical keys (which was a risky move which still hasn't paid off). The Z10 has got terrible reviews because of the operating system however there hasn't been many comments on the hardware.
In my opinion, the phone is extremely standard and doesn't have any unique hardware features which will make it stand out.

The Q10 is a traditional BlackBerry device with a small rectangular touchscreen at the top and a physical QWERTY keyboard at the bottom. I've owned a couple of phones with QWERTY keyboard and they work fine as long as you have small fingers. The Q10 is no exception and, like the Z10, is has been held back by it's weak operating system.

The ugliest phone ever: the HTC ChaCha
Earlier this year BlackBerry launched the Q5 which is a smartphone similar to the Q10 however not as expensive and apart from the HTC ChaCha (pictured right) the Q5 is the most ugly smartphone I've ever seen!
I think there is something about all QWERTY smartphones which disgusts me.
This phone is another reminder why you shouldn't invest your money into buying a BlackBerry device.

In conclusion, if BlackBerry doesn't introduce some more ambitious hardware quickly they are going to end up in serious financial trouble as their current smartphones are extremely basic and boring.