Friday, 26 July 2013

Gone for a Run

With the risk of you developing Alzheimer's decreased 60% and at least 10 calories being burnt every minute - why wouldn't you want to run? Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes being sold worldwide every year making running one of the most popular hobbies.

I enjoy running and have been on the cross country team for the last 4 years now so a few weeks ago I decided to go for a run. The stereotypical runner has tight leggings on, a funny coloured top, has headphones in and is sweating like a donut at a police station and most of the time they look quite into the sport and borderline professional however I wasn't sure whether I'd enjoy running or not so I wore a loose t-shirt, jogging bottoms (which I'd never wore before in my life) and a small backpack. The backpack was an inconvenience because it banged against my back and the straps rubbed however it carried my phone (if anyone urgently needed me, a waterproof so if it rained I wouldn't be snookered and a bottle of juice because I don't like the taste of water and it kept me hydrated.) Anyway, I planned my route beforehand, it was 9 miles long and went along the outskirts of town, and set off at 7:15 the following morning. This time was late enough to not bother other people in my house and early enough that people who I know wouldn't see me attempting to run.

Surprisingly, I only stopped a few times to get a drink and I managed to do the 9 miles in 1 hour and 27 minutes. I considered this quite good. I was also impressed that I hadn't pulled a muscle or injured myself despite falling down a bank. Unfortunately I then couldn't walk for the next fortnight however I didn't mind because I had enjoyed myself. So much in fact 4 weeks later ,when I had finally recovered, I went for another run.

Running is a sport which requires you to be in the right state of mind (determined) because unlike going to the gym or swimming you need to complete it until the end. You can't decide that you want to stop your run half way through; you'll be stuck and unable to get home so you need to be confident and determined that you can run all the way. In the gym or when swimming, as soon as you get tired you can just stop.

To conclude, I will probably go for another run. Maybe longer than 9 miles or maybe try and beat my personal best however I think I will definitely do it again. I, personally, find it refreshing and beneficial.