Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shine Awards Tomorrow!

The Wyvern at the 2012 Shine Awards
Tomorrow, Jack Barker (cameraman), Ben Maclean (director) and I (editor-in-chief) will be taking the voyage down to London for the annual Shine School Media Awards. The award ceremony is taking place at Stationers Hall (near St Paul's Cathedral) and starts at 12:15PM.

Last year was the first year 'The Wyvern' entered the Shine Awards and we came runners up in the best editorial content category and I won the award for the most outstanding pupil. This year the Wyvern is nominated for the best community initiative (for our connections with the community and the rest of the school) and best online (for the amazing Wyvern Website). The whole team hopes that we walk away with at least one of these awards.

You can find the link to the Shine Award edition of the Wyvern here: Scribd

As always, there are loads of ways you can follow our journey tomorrow and get live updates. You can follow any of these accounts on Twitter:
@DSMSUK - The school
@DSMS_Wyvern - The newspaper
@papermail7 - Me!

Or you can watch this page on the Wyvern Website: Shine Awards 2013 Finalists
Or wait for the next Wyvern TV where we will have a full video roundup of the day.

The Essentials
In preparation for tomorrow I've got three items ready which I will definitely need for the trip.

HTC Radar
This is no iPhone however it has the essential stuff like Twitter, a decent camera and live notifications. This will be my way to contact to the rest of the Wyvern team back in Darlington and the rest of the world (through Twitter).

Parker Pen
Chances are I'll need to make some notes throughout the day or do a small amount of writing so I've got my best pen just in case. I know some people who find it just as easy to make notes on their phones however I hate writing using small smartphone keyboards.

Sony Camcorder
I don't know the exact model and name however the camcorder I will be using is small, HD, has image stabilisation and can also be a camera if I need it to be. It can easily fit in my pocket and I just need to flick the screen open if I want to do some filming for the Wyvern TV.

In conclusion, I for one cannot wait for tomorrow morning so we can represent the Wyvern team and hopefully receive an award for the dedication, enthusiasm and persistence the whole Wyvern team has put in over the last 12 months.
I'm sure tomorrow will be an extremely enjoyable experience where we will get to see similar school newspapers and talk to fellow teenage journalists.