Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday 8th June 2013: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 8th June 2013 and...

Britain's Got Talent Final
Tonight it is the final of the 7th series of the popular talent show Britain's Got Talent where there are a huge range of acts hoping to win the opportunity to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety show later this year.
Some of the most popular finalists include, 14-year-old comedian - Jack Carroll, singer - Asanda and child dancing group - Pre-Skool.
5 of the 10 acts in the final are children/teenagers, 6 of the 10 acts in the final are singers and there is still 1 act in the final whom hasn't been announced yet as they are a wildcard selected by the judges.
The amazing performance from 'Attraction'
'Attraction' are a group of dancers who have amazed audiences with their stories told through silhetoes however they have been in the press this week since they've also been on the Hungarian and German versions of the show. In an interview with Radio 1's Newsbeat Amanda Holden, whom is a judge on Britain's Got Talent, said "I think that Simon Cowell is right when he says we're part of Europe, we embrace the Europeans. I think if they win, amazing, and if they don't they're, going to go on and have a huge career anyway." She defended the final of the show as ITV are hoping to beat the 12.5 million viewers they had for the final of last years show.

An artists impression of one of the earliest Primates
Old Fossil Found
I'm not a scientific expert - especially when it comes to fossils and that is why I couldn't think of anything better for a title however this is a truly fascinating story.
In China earlier this week a fossil was found of a mouse sized animal which is believed to be one of the species which evolved from the same family tree as humans. The creature, pictured smiling in the picture on the left, is called the 'Archicebus' and thought to be over 55 million years old!

Evolution Family Tree
Mammals - Adapid - Lemurs
One of the interesting
Windows Phone concepts
Mammals - Archicebus - Tarsier
Mammals - Monkey - Ape - Human

Microsoft shows off early Metro Windows Phone designs
I'm assuming these concept designs for Windows Phone were made just before the launch of Windows Phone 7 when the Windows Mobile team were trying to reinvent their smartphone OS.
After these pictures were released earlier today many people now think that Microsoft should have went with the concepts instead of what they did go with. It looks a lot better, more colourful and less a lot less plain and boring. Maybe we could see Windows Phone 9 looking like this though.