Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday 15th June 2013: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 15th June 2013 and...

Liverpool Yellow Duckmarine 'Wet it Be'
The iconic and old Yellow Duckmarine amphibious vehicles take dozens of tourists in Liverpool around the historic city every day and they used to finish each tour with an amazing plunge into the famous Albert Dock however a few months ago they had to stop making the voyage into the water after one of their vehicles started to slowly sink. The press over exaggerated this making it sound like people got wet as the big yellow duck went to the bottom in seconds however it actually took closer to 45 minutes for it to fully sink - by which time everyone on board had been rescued.
Only a few weeks ago, the ducks were allowed to take back to the water however earlier today a tragedy happened. One of the vehicles sunk in a matter of minutes and made approximately 27 people need to be treated in hospital (mostly for shock though).
I did one of these tours earlier this year on a city break in Liverpool when they weren't allowed to enter the water because they were under investigation however it was a great tour. Unfortunately, the future of the Yellow Duckmarine company may be bleak.

The iOS 7 app screen on the iPhone 5
iOS 7 Announced
Apple, on Monday, revealed its new operating system for mobile devices. They've went back to the drawing board and came up with a fresh, clean and stylish operating system which admittedly looks quite familiar. Although Apple of course won't admit it, it is clear that iOS 7 has taken the best parts from Android, Windows Phone and their previous operating systems and then mashed them together. Despite this - they have done it beautifully and created a masterpiece. The new design still may take awhile to get used to and it might also take quite a long time to figure out all the new features however once you do you will be impressed.
Of course though, Apple has added some fancy gimmicks one of them being the app screen; when you tilt your phone backwards it knows you are doing it so it changes to screen so you can look underneath your apps. Siri also has an amazing, intuitive and sexy new look and it's voice even sounds more realistic.
Tech expects, developers and journalists haven't decided what they think of iOS 7 yet however their opinion doesn't really matter, it is the average consumer who Apple will need to wow when they release iOS 7 in Autumn.

Wyvern TV #12
The 12th Episode of the DSMS Wyvern TV. We interview Mr Haylock about his time at DSMS, we tell you about the outstanding Wyvern Website and we have a huge feature on Art and Culture.