Thursday, 27 June 2013

Flipboard and Facebook for Windows 8

It is currently Build 2013 which is Microsoft’s equivalent to the World Wide Developers Conference. Last year at Build they announced the Windows 8 Preview (which is the metro PC operating system) and the Microsoft Surface (Microsoft’s own touchscreen computer).

This year they released the Windows 8.1 Preview for developers and announced that Facebook and Flipboard will soon be coming to the Windows 8 app marketplace.
To be honest, the Windows 8 app market is currently weak. It got off to a decent start last October when over 1000 apps were getting added to the store everyday but now that number has decreased to only a few dozen and some big titles are still missing.
Flipboard and Facebook luckily being added to the Marketplace and this will hopefully make Windows 8 a lot more popular.

Flipboard is the most popular iPad app and it uses tiles (similar to Windows 8 tiles) to display news from various different feeds. Since Windows 8 was launched last November both critics and consumers have been saying that Flipboard would be perfect for Windows 8. The only thing we know about this app so far is from the 9 second video that the Flipboard team uploaded onto YouTube yesterday. We can clearly see that it is the Flipboard we all know and love however it also has some modifications to make it better on Windows 8.

Facebook is an app which has been needed on Windows 8 since it first launched. The Facebook website is anything but touch friendly so is terrible when using it on touch screen devices and the 3rd party Facebook apps currently available just look like a stretched version of the Facebook mobile site.

Unfortunately we do not know the exact release date of these two apps however they will be coming before the end of the year and will work great on Windows 8.1. Both companies are also showing enthusiasm about making their app ‘the best on the app Market’ so we can certainly trust they are going to be fluid, fast and intuitive. Whatever more would you want out of an app?