Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Working the Cloud Review

Kate Russell's new book, Working the Cloud, is the perfect guide for anyone even considering opening their own business. It is also perfect if you need to migrate your business to the Cloud or if you simply just want to know more about how they business world and the technology world are linked.

From the start the book is thorough and detailed and it explains some complicated things in a really simple way so everyone can understand. From technology novices to Internet geeks this book is ideal for everyone.

The book is crammed with useful web links of practically everything from social networks to useful softwares. Kate explains the uses for every website perfectly and if you are reading a chapter about video softwares she gives you a choice of websites and not just the most popular one. This is extremely useful because it allows me to compare the websites myself and decide which one I think is best.

In conclusion, Working the Cloud is a fascinating read which will advantage anyone who uses the Internet - which is basically everyone! I would definitely recommend this book.