Monday, 22 April 2013

Windows is too Windows

Both Windows Phone and Windows 8 have a unique operating system completely different to what runs on Blackberry, Android or Apple devices. When Windows Phone 7 was first getting designed they made it so all apps would look the same even if they were made by an independent developer or 3rd party. This is so the phone looked like one operating system just with many features however this is what app developers don't want.

App developers want to make their app unique, special and like nothing else currently in the app marketplace. This is probably why both Windows Phone and Windows 8 are lacking big names in the app store such as Instagram, Vine, Flipboard, Google Drive, Facebook and more.

Facebook Home recently launched on Android, it takes over your Android phone fully, changing everything and making your phone revolve around you and your Facebook friends. So far it has been out for 10 days and it has already had over 500,000 downloads. Some of the main features of Facebook Phone on Android has also came to the Facebook iOS app however nothing like that would ever be possible on Windows Phone. Facebook Home is simply too unique.

This is a problem is annoying for developers and consumers. If a person buys a Windows Phone they will love the features however after about 6 months they will probably want a completely different app that will blow them away like what you can get on Android and Apple - unfortunately they will struggle to find such app.

Microsoft needs to make huge changes to Windows so developers can be imaginative and creative. This will benefit everyone and make both Windows Phone and Windows 8 more popular.