Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday 27th April: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 27th April 2013 and...

Dubai Police get a new car
Earlier this week it was announced that a Ferrari will be joining Dubai’s current Lamborghini to patrol the streets. This new police car will be used by the women police officers to patrol some of the tourist areas. This car should also ‘reduce road traffic accidents’ however I don’t see how. You may think that running two super cars to catch criminals might get a bit expensive however in Dubai, petrol is often cheaper than water!

Shaun The Sheep is becoming a movie star
Children’s TV character, Shaun the Sheep, announced yesterday that he will be staring in his own movie called ‘Shaun the Sheep’. Makers of Shaun the Sheep decided to make the film after the success of the CBBC TV series which has now been seen in over 170 countries.
Shaun made his first TV appearance in the Wallace and Gromit film ‘A close shave’. Shaun and his sheepish friends will star in the film where they need to take an adventure into the city after their farmer is taken away.

Sir Winston Churchill becomes £5
The bank of England announced earlier this week that old British Prime minister, Winston Churchill, will feature on £5 notes from 2016. His picture along with a picture of Westminster and the Nobel Prize he received will be featured on the £5 note. The Bank of England are hoping that the note will be called a ‘Winston’ for short. Sir Winston Churchill will be replacing Elizabeth Fry who was a campaigner and who died in 1845. Sir Churchill will also be only the second person who lived in the 20th Century to feature on a note.