Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday 13th April: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 13th April 2013 and...

PSY 'Gentleman'
YouTube legend, PSY, officially released his new song 'Gentleman' at 11:00AM today. If you are wondering why this is so significant it is because PSY sung 'Gangnam Style' which at the end of 2012 became the most watched video on YouTube. It became a worldwide success within weeks.
'Gentleman' is the name of the song which was released earlier today in a concert in Korea called 'Happening' which was also live-streamed onto YouTube. Over 110,000 people tuned into to the channel to hear the new song and most of them liked what they heard.
The concert was held at the Seoul World Cup stadium in South Korea and before the unveiling of the music video for 'Gentleman' he performed some of his iconic songs.
The song was apparently purposely leaked a few days before the official release of the song so people know the tune of the song before they see the music video.
'Gentleman' sounds extremely similar to Gangnam Style and uses some of the same music techniques however critics do seem to like the song and they think it deserves to have the same success as Gangnam Style.

Facebook Home on the HTC First
Facebook Phone Home Launched
On April 12th 2013, Facebook released 'Home' for a number of expensive Android phones and also the brand new HTC First.
Facebook Home customises your lock screen by giving you a constant feed of your Facebook friends latest photos. It also brings a feature called Chat Heads which is a small circular bubble which sits Facebook Messenger on top of whatever app you are in. This lets you continue Facebook messaging people in any app.
Facebook Phone only looks pretty if your friends are pretty. It will become pretty awkward if you are still friends with any of your ex-girlfriends as whenever they upload a new photo, it will appear on your lock screen automatically. It will become even more awkward if your wife sees and asks you why there are pictures of your ex on your phone.
Anyway, in conclusion, Facebook Phone will be loved by some however hated by most. Sometimes people just want to be able to check their Twitter without Facebook being thrown in your face.

Twitter Trends
In a blog post earlier this week, Twitter announced that they were adding over 160 new places where you can monitor trends including 30 new countries. In the UK alone over 20 new towns and cities have been added including Middlesbrough, Hull, Blackpool and Nottingham.
You can change what trends you see by logging onto Twitter and then where it says trends, click change and then simply select what location's trends you want to see.