Monday, 8 April 2013

If I was CEO of... Microsoft

This is going to be a new series of posts where every report I will tell you what I would change if I was in charge of a major corporation  Some of these are going to be technology, others are going to be food companies and others are just going to be random businesses who have something I would change. First I am going to start off by telling you what I would change if I was CEO of Microsoft.

Windows 8
There are currently two different versions of Windows 8, a version called Windows RT (which doesn't let you download softwares from the internet into desktop mode) and Windows 8 Pro (which does let you download softwares from the internet into desktop mode). Windows 8 Pro is also built for a slightly faster processing chip.

If I was CEO of Microsoft I would get rid of the metro/modern look on Windows 8 Pro and only leave desktop mode. I would still leave the Windows App Marketplace on the desktop and all the apps from the Windows 8 Start screen however they would just be displayed in the classic looking Windows Desktop. This makes the target market for Windows 8 Pro, anyone who wants a desktop computer that performs how a desktop computer should.

Microsoft Office in the Windows 8 Start screen
Windows 8 RT would be the opposite, it would have the metro/modern Start screen however not desktop mode. I would make Windows 8 RT only available for touch screen tablets and Microsoft Office 2013 (which is currently in desktop mode) would just become integrated into the modern Windows 8 look instead of you having to change modes.

Windows 8.1/Blue
Last week, pictures of the next version of Windows were leaked. They show Windows 8 being updated to something that is now called 'Windows Blue'. It shares many features that Windows Phone 8 currently has and this is where I think Microsoft is going wrong.

Windows Phone is good - not great - but good. It is not as popular as Android and iOS however the features and apps it has are perfect for a mobile enviroment. As soon as you start bringing them onto a desktop PC or Tablet - that is where you are making a mistake.
People buy a PC so they can do stuff that they can't do on their phones. So why would they want a PC which does exactly the same as their phone?

XBOX is great, I like XBOX a lot more than I like PlayStation devices. If I was CEO of Microsoft I would get the XBOX team to start working on a hand held device which could be carried around with a person. It would have a really long battery life (because I believe that is really important) and people will be able to download the games from the Windows 8 App Marketplace.

As for the XBOX console, I would just improve on what they already have. Maybe integrate Kinect more and upgrade the chips so games work better and faster.

At the same time though - start secretly working on something really ambitious like a holographic version of XBOX which projects games into the air around you.