Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Broadchurch 'Closure'

For the last 8 weeks an intense crime drama on ITV has been aired on a Monday night at 9PM. The gripping series was written by Chris Chibnall who has also wrote for Doctor Who, Torchwood and Life on Mars however this has been the first whole series he was wrote himself.

Broadchurch stars Doctor Who star, David Tennant, and Hot Fuzz policewoman, Olivia Coleman, as two detectives on the South Coast of England.

One night, a boy is suspiciously murdered in the town of Broadchurch and new police DI, Alec Hardy, and DC Ellie Miller are put on the case to figure out who dun it. But is all as it seems?
Over the 8 weeks of the series most characters in the drama are suspected to be the murderer as  everyone in the town acts extremely suspiciously. However there are lots of times when the characters and audience are both lead up a blind alley.

Last night in the final episode we found out who killed, Danny, the young boy and it was somebody who had only been featured on during the last 2 episodes.
It was (don't read on if you don't want to find out) Joe who was DS Miller's husband. He had strangled Danny in a hut on the top of the cliff and then he had covered up the murder by taking the body and putting it at the bottom of the cliff to make it look like the boy had jumped. It is ironic because only a few episodes before had DS Miller asked a woman 'how could she not realise if crime was going on under your own roof'. DS Miller couldn't see the wood for trees because whilst she was at work trying to figure out who the murder was, her husband could sit at home covering up evidence.

Nobody expected Broadchurch to be as popular as it was. Brilliant actors and story lines which kept you watching made Broadchurch the unbelievable success it was with an average of around 7 million ratings.

It was announced at the end of episode 8 that Broadchurh will be returning for a second series. In an interview, the script writer, Chris Chibnall said that things will be slightly different. He didn't even confirm whether it would be the same characters or not though. Like with series 1, they are obviously not giving anything away.
In my opinion, he shouldn't write a second series because it will never reach the same high standard as this series was but I will be intrigued anyway to see what happens.