Monday, 18 March 2013

Why 2013 already isn't Google's year

1. YouTube channel design
Although I originally liked the new YouTube channel design, I have came to hate it for a number of reasons. One fault that I did mention on my last review of it was the fact that it seemed less personal and comparing it to the old design you can see clearly how it has changed. Instead of your channel page being devoted to your content it now has a users subscriptions down the side however that isn't the biggest problem. The main error Google has made is you can't change the background image. Now the background on every single YouTube channel is white, it makes the whole YouTube experience more boring and makes everyone's channels less unique. To anyone on the old YouTube channel design, I would advise you stayed there.

2. Google Reader getting put down
Google Reader is a personal RSS feed which anybody can put together  It allows you to make a stream of the posts from your favorite blogs and websites. This was the most popular RSS feed maker on the internet however for some reason Google has decided that from July it will cease to exist. This is good news for rival website Feedly which has gained around 500,000 Google Reader users in the last week. As one door closes another one opens somebody once said.

3. Windows Phone integration
Most Windows Phone uses will have heard the news that Google is soon stopping their Gmail and Google Calender support with Windows Phone. It doesn't matter what version of Windows Phone you are using, from Summer 2013 your emails and Google Calender will no longer sync.
I can't find a good explanation of why Google is making this move. It seems they will only loose potential and existing customers. Hopefully with the launch of Windows Phone 9 in Autumn these problems will be sorted out and once again people will be able to use Google services like what they should.

What I am putting across here are three reasons why Google seems to be making stupid decisions in 2013 - and it is only March! Hopefully though, Google will sort these problems out and make them the successful and popular company they should be.