Thursday, 7 March 2013

Twitter and Instagram for Windows Phone!!!

Twitter for Windows Phone 8
A few weeks ago Twitter released a new version of Twitter for Windows Phone 8. This new version of Twitter looks more like the iOS or Android version and it is still free. It has almost all the functionality of a normal Twitter app apart from it doesn't let you add photo filters. Despite this, many Windows Phone users are actually surprised Twitter has updated it's outdated app. I personally thought that Twitter, like so many other companies, had just forgot about Windows Phone.
The new app also has it's own widget on the lock screen so you can see straight away if you have any new Twitter notifications.

Meanwhile, Nokia has started a campaign to bring Instagram to Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone users can download an app where they can add a filter to a photo and then Tweet it with the hashtag: #2InstaWithLove. Surprisingly lots of people are doing this however it is unlikely that the Facebook owned company will build the app especially since they said that they weren't bothered in developing an app for BlackBerry 10.