Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Twitter Archive

Do you like Twitter, statistics and downloading complicated yet interesting files? If so, you'll love the new Twitter Archive which is now available for everyone.

Downloading your Twitter Archive will allow you to see all the tweets you have ever sent and a small graph showing how many Tweets you send every month. To get this feature you need to log into Twitter, go into settings and scroll down to where it says 'My Twitter Archive' and click download. (You may need to request for it however if you do, it only takes 5 minutes for it to come through to your e-mail inbox). It allows you to download a rather complicated zip file - ignore everything apart from where it says 'index'. Just click on that and it will open your internet browser showing a clean Twitter page displaying all of your Tweets.

The Twitter archive is simple and updates automatically however I think it is way to complicated for the average Twitter user to use.