Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday 9th March: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 9th March 2013 and...

A YouTube Channel with the new design

New YouTube Channel Design
YouTube is giving their users a chance to upgrade their channel page to a new design which has a lot more white space and is more customisable however I think it looks less personal. You can change all the videos which are displayed however you can't select a background - only a banner to go at the top which is ridiculously complicated to set. For a start the picture needs to be in HD and it needs to be a weird size then you need to make sure the picture will look okay on TV screens and mobile devices.
Although the design isn't the best, we haven't lost any major features and it is now a lot easier to access somebody else's videos and playlists. For users trying to attract a bigger audience you can now upload a video that just people who aren't subscribed will see so you can self-promote your channel.

Complaints about Windows 8
In the past Asus, Acer and Fujitsu have complained about Windows 8 and the weak demand for it. Samsung has now joined that list too. In a statement, Jun Dong-soo - who is the president of Samsung's Chip division - said “The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8, I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.”
I like the design of Windows 8 and I like the idea of all the built in apps however the app marketplace is lacking some essential names (such as Twitter and Facebook) which is extremely bad news. It seems Windows 8 doesn't have a target market. Most Windows 8 devices are trying to squeeze in the market between Desktop PC's and Tablets. Most of them failing though.

Wyvern Webisode
The DSMS Wyvern team and their opinions on some of the news stories from 15th February 2013.