Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Offline: Week 3

I have now survived 3 weeks without using the Internet! I personally think that is amazing because I never thought I would make it this far. The need to send a tweet is almost gone and I haven’t needed to message anyone over Facebook either.
This week I thought as my little project I might try and write a sitcom. This was going really good until I came across a small dilemma; I’m not funny. So within half a hour I had scrapped that idea.
I need to admit I did use the Internet once this week when I needed to send an important e-mail however I did not do anything else.

I have noticed that I have surprisingly been a lot less productive and creative without the Internet. Although I though Twitter and Facebook were useless distractions I have learnt that they actually were quite helpful.
Take the Wyvern TV for instance (the monthly news show I produce), both I and the viewer looses out; the viewer can’t find out via Twitter when the latest Episode has came out as I can’t Tweet it which means the audience is limited to people who are subscribed to the ‘Wyvern’ on YouTube – which admittedly is only around 8 people!

Evernote is a tool for storing notes which I started using at the end of 2012 properly at the end of 2012 after watching a video about how you could store notes, web pages and links in a secure, well organised website.
My inner nerd who has partial OCD leaped out
It surprises me how many apps Evernote have. They have apps for iOS and Android however surprisingly they also have apps for Mac, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8!
Anyway, I would usually make around 3 notes a day on Evernote; I used it mainly for interesting stories I had found on the internet and that I wanted to read later. However since I gave up the Internet I have replaced Evernote with an A4 pad which I got given to me last year. The pad is now filled with notes on news stories from my morning newspaper and stuff that I need to do.

The Future
I’d love to set up my own business making apps or websites. At the moment it seems like the government loves start-up businesses as it was in the news only last week that the Redcar and Cleveland council are investing money into start-ups. I think this is because the government knows that major corporations are replacing employees with machines and they think this is why people should become self employed.
There are even popular websites such as where small companies can pitch product/service ideas and if people like what they see they can pledge money to the start-up. The investments can be from £1-£5000 and in return the investor gets some sort of freebee from the start-up whether it is a pen with the business logo on or exclusive versions of the product.
The only thing which is stopping me from wanting to do that as a living is the challenges that are included when programming. It is annoying that computer programming isn’t introduced in secondary school because even if pupils were taught some basic code it would make inspire them to study computer science and then do it as a living.
In my opinion it is the perfect time for the government to bring computer science to the national curriculum as Google is planning to open a new office in London in 2016 which could bring up to 16,000 jobs to the UK. Most of these will be in programming so new websites, apps and software’s can be made for the internet giants.
Anyway, if I wanted to become a technology or business journalist later on in my life, having a start-up technology business in my 20’s would provide me with an incite into how businesses work and the struggles which young entrepreneurs are faced with.

Formula 1
In this precious time, only week before the 2013 Formula One season starts you are excluded from finding out anything about the drivers, teams or races unless you are using the Internet.
There have been a few practise days recently and I got told yesterday that Lewis Hamilton surprisingly went fastest in his new Mercedes car.
I usually catch up with F1 news before, during and after race weekends via Twitter; I must follow 30 accounts all together who have something to do with the intense, engineering sport. From drivers to teams and the journalists reporting on the race – I follow them all.
Unfortunately though, like so many other things which have happened in the last 3 weeks, I am clueless on what happening!

David Bowie
I remember in January when the media were alerted that David Bowie was going to release a new album I said that his return to Music would be like Schumacher’s return to Formula 1 (not very good).
However after reading a review of his new album, I am regretting saying that because his new album sounds amazing. I haven’t heard any of the songs however I’m looking forward to the 11th of March when his new album comes out and I will be able to hear them.