Monday, 11 March 2013


Infographics are ways of showing information through pictures, charts and as little writing as possible. They are pretty modern and becoming ever more popular. Infographics can be either posters or videos. In the past the 'National Geographic' have shown information about population through a video Infographic. It is a clean and effective way to show off information (like the Infographic on Germany below).
A new website called (  allows you to make great looking Infographics from brilliant templates. You can sign up using Twitter, Facebook or with your email and you then get the option to make an Infographic or a chart. Both of them using the same clean format. The website is really easy to use however can be extremely slow depending on what computer you have; it uses Java so runs slowly on old Windows PC's.
There are other websites which allow you to make Infographics such as and Piktochart  however I find to complicated and advance for what most people want and Piktochart seems to have unnecessary features which nobody would use and it doesn't look as good.
In conclusion, I have so far failed to find a website which allows you to make video Infographics however that is more lightly to come in the form of a software - maybe a theme in the next version of iMovie or something. However I could definitely see myself using the normal type of Infographic in the future as I find it really easy to make and the results are impressive especially from