Thursday, 14 March 2013

Google Reader Shutting Down

Google reader is a simple yet effective website which for years has allowed you make an RSS feed of posts from any website or blog. You just need to go to, sign in with your Google Account and then you are in. To subscribe to a website just click 'subscribe', type the URL and then click 'add'. You can add as many sites as you like and then read them whenever you want from any device.

There are hundreds of apps and websites compatible with Google Reader such as 'RSS Times' made by Samsung for Windows Phone, Flipboard for iOS and Android and loads more. These apps allow you to read the posts from websites you have subscribed to in different styles and formats.

Unfortunately, it was announced today that from the 1st July 2013, Google Reader will cease to exist. Already thousands of users have complained and started petitions however I doubt anything will be done. Some people are blaming Google+ for the downfall of Google Reader however I personally think that it is just because not enough people were using it.

I think this makes it a perfect time for a start-up business to launch a RSS reader website which is just as simple and compatible as Google Reader however until then, you are going to have to visit every blog and website individually to see their latest post.