Sunday, 31 March 2013

Doctor Who 2013

Picture from SFX website
Last night, the time traveler from Gallifrey in his blue telephone box returned to our screens with a whole new series. The first episode of series 7 of Doctor Who broadcast to our televisions at 6:15PM last night and this new series looks amazing.
This time last year, Doctor Who was getting poor reviews as people weren't liking Matt Smith as much as David Tennant, the story lines were confusing and the show was being accused of 'trying too hard' by TV critics.
This year though, the scripts are witty and clever, the stories are hooking the viewers and the cinematography is now modern and unique. Doctor Who now feels futuristic like what it should be and everything on screen fits and looks perfect.
The 11th Doctor, Matt Smith is so confident with the 2013 series of Doctor Who he said earlier this week:
"It's going to be the biggest and best and most inventive and most exciting year for the show."
Later this series we can look forward to the return of the Cybermen (last seen last year) and the Ice Warriors (last seen in 1974 in a Jon Pertwee episode).

Episode 1: The Bells of Saint John
This uplifting and feel good first episode of Doctor Who was full of life and started series 7 with a bang! Set in modern day London, the Doctor (Matt Smith) is forced to investigate when he gets an unexpected call of confused Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) who can't get the WiFi working properly. The Doctor realizes something sinister is going down so with the help of his new companion, Clara, he travels around London on a futuristic motorbike looking for the source of the Wifi issue which is doing something dangerous to humans.
Although the story with Clara Oswald may seem a bit mind boggling now since she has died twice and then forgot who the Doctor is; the writers of Doctor Who have promised it will make sense in the end.

For a look behind the scenes of the episode you can watch a 3 minute video that the BBC uploads to YouTube every week (below) however it is no where near the standard of Doctor Who Confidential which used to be on BBC 3 after the amazing show every week.

Happy 50th Birthday
Doctor Who will be celebrating it's 50th Birthday on 23rd November this year and yesterday it was announced that David Tennant and Billie Piper will be joining Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in the special 3D episode. David Tennant was the 10th Doctor between 2005 - 2010 and for one of those years his companion was Rose Tyler aka Billie Piper. Golden Globe winner, John Hurt, will also be staring in the special episode however we don't currently know the character he will be playing.
One thing is for sure, this 50th birthday episode is going to be great. Head writer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, is so happy with it he says it will definitely "not disappoint fans".