Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bowie is Back!

I woke up early on Monday 11th March 2013 to download the deluxe version of David Bowie's new album 'The Next Day' which has been much anticipated for months now. Now, I don't know much about music however this album is great despite Bowie having a 10 year break from the music industry. Although he is 66 years of age his new album doesn't feel nostalgic at all - it feels slightly vintage however could easily compete against modern artists.
The front cover of the album is actually the cover from his 1977 album 'Heroes' however it has a square box in the middle saying 'The Next Day'.

'The Next Day' is full of potential singles.
It already has two singles; the slow and soothing 'Where Are We Now?' which is already extremely popular and the catchy 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' which is about the eternal status of being a celebrity. Both reflect the high quality of the album.

A lot of the songs are about the Medieval time (an era the David Bowie seems obsessed with) and love however I'd need to say my favorite song from the album is 'Valentines Day.' This song is on both the regular (14 tracks) and deluxe album (17 tracks).

In conclusion, I would recommend this album for any previous David Bowie fan and anyone who is looking for some decent music which isn't as mainstream as young pop artists - yet something which is definitely just as good.