Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday 2nd February: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 2nd February 2013 and...

Embarrassing first week for Vine

Vine is a micro-video sharing app made by Twitter which allows you to watch and record 6-second videos which you can then share on Twitter and Facebook. It was launched last week and is currently only an iOS app however it has had a bumpy first week.
The week started off successfully with 3 app updates in the first 3 days of launch fixing minor bugs which may have occurred however after 3 days, we started to notice a huge boom in porn being uploaded to the app. Apple noticed this mid-week and ended up removing the app from the app store for about a hour for the porn to be removed.
There was so much porn being uploaded, for a short period of time an adult video even made it to the editors picks!
Vine still has a few bugs, I've noticed when using the app offline it is often slow and won't upload your Vine once you reconnect to the internet which is a huge shame for iPod Touch users.
A few celebrities have adopted the well built and easy to use app so I hope this app continues to be popular and successful for the next few months.

Windows Phone 7.8 starts rolling out
The much anticipated Windows Phone 7.8 started rolling out to Windows Phone 7.5 users all around the world. It is coming out slowly and it is unclear whether it is coming out to all Windows Phone users or just Nokia Lumia Windows Phone users.
The update allows users to resize their live tiles, have lock screens which update automatically via Bing and the update also brings more colours to set as your background.

Animal Pictures
I can't think of any more interesting news from this week so here are some animal pictures from the Telegraph:
Chester Zoo's  newest resident, a meerkat pup.The tiny newcomer has made its first public appearance after being hidden away in burrows by its parents since being born three weeks ago
American photographer Randy Rimland captured a male lion cub seeming to smile for the camera at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina. There is a surprising similarity to the wide grin of Carry On actor Sid James.
A 'crab's-eye' view of a laysan albatross taking off on a beach on the Pacific island of Midway Atoll