Sunday, 3 February 2013

Samsung Windows Phone 8 apps

Since Windows Phone 8 launched in October 2012, Nokia and HTC have been the main competitors; if you wanted a stylish phone with good integrated apps you would go and buy one of them. Samsung released its first Windows Phone 8 in August 2012 and it was a huge screened smartphone called the Ativ S. During CES 2013, Samsung announced a new Ativ S phone with a smaller screen called the Ativ Odyssey.
The hardware Samsung has made is standard yet expensive and unlike Nokia and HTC they haven't made any decent apps or software for their Windows Phones until now.

RSS Times made by Samsung
Samsung have updated 4 new apps, one of them is called 'RSS times'; it puts your Google Reader account into a stylish feed which looks a bit like Flipboard. I'll admit the app looks extremely professional compared to many other Windows Phone 8 apps and it is definitely a good rival to HTC's and Nokia's Windows Phone apps. This app is brilliant for writers, journalists and basically anyone who like keeping up with the latest news.

The second app Samsung has updated is called 'Mini Diary' which is basically a diary which can save your location, images, drawings and the days weather to the cloud so you can look back over your life like how you would with a real diary. Nobody wants anyone reading their diary and that is why you can even password lock this app so people can't go reading your personal thoughts.
Once again it is a beautiful app which works perfectly on Windows Phone 8.

'RSS Times' on the Samsung Ativ S
Both of these two apps use their live tiles to show the latest picture uploaded so you are constantly seeing a new photo. The 'RSS times' app even lets you have a custom lock screen which updates automatically with the latest picture in your Google Reader feed!

3rd app which Samsung has updated is their photo editing app which has always been pretty outstanding. It allows you to edit your photos or add effects to them which look similar to the filters on Instagram.

Finally, a brand new app Samsung has made in partnership with Collins Dictionary is, well, a dictionary. The app doesn't use the internet and it currently has around 300,000 words saved on it. Although this app's design isn't excellent it is one of the first dictionary's on Windows Phone so it is certainly something special.

In conclusion, all of these apps take advantage of the awesome possibilities Windows Phone 8 offers and I'm seriously considering a Samsung Ativ to be my next Windows Phone thanks to these unique apps.