Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Offline: Week 1

I have been off the Internet for one week and I’ll tell you now, it hasn't been easy!

My morning routine now consists of waking up to the chorus of ‘I got you babe’ from the alarm on my iPod (which doesn’t use the internet) and getting ready for school without using Flipboard on my iPad to check today’s gossip and news.
Instead I have decided to buy ‘i’ everyday which costs only 20p. The newspaper is a brief summary of what is going on in the world and all the articles in the paper come from ‘The Independent.’ I would defiantly recommend this newspaper as it has everything I could ever need to replace my iPad - gossip from the Opinions page, serious news from the front page, games and puzzles on the crossword page and informal news through columns and features. ‘i’ even has weird facts like what I would find on Twitter; did you know that 100 years ago there used to be a horse long jump in the Olympics and the record for a horse jumping was just over 6 meters.
Cross words are my new Angry Birds

On Friday 15th February 2013 it was a BBC School Report practice day where the DSMS Wyvern team produced a news show in a day.
This has been the only time during the week when I’ve been extremely temped to use the Internet. I'd get irritated when I am explaining to someone how to upload a video with certain settings and I know I could be doing it quicker by simply doing it myself. You can see the ‘Wyvern Webisode’ here (below).

At the weekend I bought an expensive pen so I could do some writing in a pad… not on an iPad. I didn’t buy it online like what I usually would instead I needed to walk into a shop and hand pick one. I learnt that Parker pens are extremely expensive and unusually only come with blue ink, if you want black ink you need to buy it separately which is annoying because I prefer black ink. After searching in two shops I ended up buying a vector Parker pen that isn’t a ball point (however I can’t remember what you call it).

Snow & Photo sharing
The most observant of you may have realised that it was snowing quite heavily in the North East of England earlier this week. This is usually the weather where you would find your Intagram and Flickr feeds overflowing with pictures I have taken of the snowy streets and fields. Instead, I wasn't even carrying my phone round with me at this time so I couldn't even take a few snaps!
I realised that if you aren't connected to the internet and you have nobody to call or text it is pointless carrying a £200 smartphone or iPod Touch round with you.

Just before I have up the Internet I decided I wanted to put most of the Beatles albums on my iPod Touch – as you can probably guess, they take up a lot of storage space. So U went through my apps, deleting ones I did not need any more. This included a lot of my games, Pinteret, Tumblr and surprisingly Facebook.

I deleted the app because it uses huge amounts of storage and it is really slow to use. For the last few days before I became offline I used the mobile Facebook website on Safari. Although it was clunky and ridiculously slow it was brilliant!

Since it was just a website it means that as soon as I shut the browser it was all gone. There were no notifications off people poking me popping up in the middle of the night and no messages popping up in the early hours of the morning off people asking me what homework is.
I could sleep distraction free and uninterrupted.

It is also worth mentioning that because the mobile site is so bad it puts you off using Facebook as much which means, like me, you are more lightly to do something productive such as cooking, reading a book or writing a book instead of aimlessly scrolling through my news feed aimlessly. Maybe that is why it is estimated that approximately 68% of Facebook users take breaks from Facebook however it is probably because of all the rubbish uploaded to the site.

It was my Twanniversary on Sunday 17th February 2013 which marked my two year anniversary on Twitter. I first got Twitter when not many people my age had however I can’t remember the exact reason. Anyway, I have worked out that I do around 8 Tweets a day and according to Klout I have an influential opinion on apps.

After a hard first week without the Internet I hope I’ll be able to survive a second week Internet free.

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