Thursday, 7 February 2013

'Flight' Review

Although this movie looks like an action packed adventure in the trailers it is actually closer to a drama than an adventure or thriller.

The first 40 minutes of the film are extremely intense as an aeroplane is taking off in bad weather however they get off the ground and into the air safely. For most of the journey in fact they are in good weather and everything is fine until they start to make a decent and for some reason the aeroplane starts to nosedive! Captain of the aeroplane, Whip Whitaker, wakes up from his sleep in the cockpit, he calmly turns the plane upside down to stabilise it and then he amazingly lands it in a field with only 6 casualties out of over 100 passengers!
Although we wee the captain drinking vast amounts of alcohol before the flight we learn that he was the only person who could have landed the aeroplane as well as he did.

After those 40 minutes of action, we follow Whip as he deals with the press, court cases, alcoholism and drugs.

In conclusion, this is a interesting film and any fans of serious dramas who like twist and turns will love this. I doubt you will be able to see it as the in-flight movie.