Friday, 8 February 2013


Apparently a blog is supposed to be a personal website where I post my most deepest thoughts and feeling however over the last 2/3 years of blogging I honestly haven't done that much.
My blog has been a place of my reviews and thoughts of some of the stories in the news and some of the latest pieces of technology.

However I thought I'd share something with you which has happened to me recently; I got braces. I have now had them for 24 hours.

I have known that I was getting them for about 3 months now. I was originally quite scared however as time passed and I discreetly talked to people with braces I realised it wasn't that bad.

Getting braces was fine. I just sat in the orthodontics chair looking at the ceiling wishing that they had a map up there or at least something that I could look at. It took around 45 minutes and afterwards I couldn't work out if my mouth was shut or not and if I was dribbling or not which was embarrassing.

I first saw my braces on the car home and they looked fine. They didn't hurt however I did soon realise that I couldn't speak properly because of a band going across the top of my mouth preventing me from saying my 'J's and 'Ch's.

I woke up this morning in pain, the same pain I went to sleep with and it hurt. I am in the middle of fighting off a cold at the moment so I didn't get much sleep last night either.
It's weird because all of my teeth seem to be in a different position to where they were yesterday.

Unfortunately having braces means that I can't chew anything without being in pain - I also can't chew anything because I don't know where half of my teeth are any more.

According to my friends, all of this trouble will disappear in the next week however return when I get my braces tightened in a few months time.