Friday, 25 January 2013


Social networking and social media website Twitter purchased the start-up business, Vine, last year and yesterday the Vine app for iOS was launched.

It is a perfect video sharing app for Twitter because it only allows videos which are 6 seconds or under in length  This follows Twitter's way as Twitter only gives you 140 characters to compose a Tweet. This micro-video sharing service doesn't have a pacific audience yet so we still don't know what type of content is going to make it popular and become mainstream on the app.

The app is simple and works really well; you follow people and whenever they upload goes straight onto your home news feed.

Recording a video is as easy as pressing your finger against the screen and holding it there when you want to record. There are currently no effects you can add to your video however Vine gives you the option to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

When on Twitter, your Vine micro-video is embedded perfectly onto your tweet on both the Twitter website and Twitter app so your followers can view it without having to leave Twitter it's self.

The future is bright
If media companies such as the BBC, Sky or ITV contact Vine and start using this video sharing service we could expect to see some extremely popular and interesting videos being uploaded which would expand the Vine community. Media companies could use Vine to show crashes in F1 races, tackles and goals in football matches, highlights of tennis and much much more.

I'm assuming that in the future this app will expand onto Android devices and possibly even BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 however I doubt it.