Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Impossible

Staring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts the Impossible can only be described as an eye-watering true story.

The movie starts off with the 'perfect family' going on holiday to a tranquil island in Asia. The island which obviously once was only inhabited by local people is now swarming with tourists from around the world. The island is a perfect place to go on holiday!
The family of 5 whom are spending Christmas on the island are having a fun holiday until one day...
The family are relaxing around the pool when without any warning a huge tsunami hits the island separating the family.

This film follows the family in their attempt to survive and find each other once again.

This film is definitely an emotional roller-coaster however the lows are lower than any other movie - yet the highs are higher.

Creating the devastating scenes of the island after the tsunami must have been a hard job however it paid off; the vast amount of ocean water and destroyed buildings on the island sets of a tone for the movie. You would expect the weather to match the tone of the film as well however it is sweltering hot all the way through.

What truly makes this movie stand out is the setting because there is a disturbing beauty to the destroyed island. Where people once lived and relaxed there is now dirty water filled with dirt and debris.