Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday 5th January: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 5th January 2013 and...

First Minecraft Snapshot of 2013
Mojang have released the first Minecraft Snapshot of 2013, this is a prototype update which users can download from the Mojang website. This Snapshot is brings a lot of Red Stone updates and more Red Stone options; for example there are now daylight detector blocks, chests which activate Red Stone and Pistons are more stable. This snapshot apparent also brings a new ore to the Nether and "a whole bunch of other stuff". Mojang will be announcing the official release date as soon as they have added more features and make them as bug free as possible.

The Facebook design by Fred Nerby
Facebook Design
Artist and web designer, Fred Nerby, has made a modern look for the Facebook website. It would work on a desktop and a touch-screen and it looks amazing! Unfortuantely it is not a real website so you can't use this version of Facebook for yourself however Nerby has said that he is willing to talk to Facebook if they offer him a job.

New Studies into the Radiation emitted by mobile phones
Are mobile phones safe?
Studies like this have been going on the last 4 decades and one of the biggest research projects was by Orange. This was obviously biased though because their whole company is selling mobile phones.
This new study is being conducted by an independent group of people in New York and New Jersey and so far they have built an antenna which does not include any metal sections. This is so they can actually see the results when they put it in an MRI. They have also put a similar antenna in a cows brain and put that in a MRI so they can see if the radio waves effect the brain.
They are hoping that in the future Scientists will be able to produce a 3D image of mobile phone radiation to see if mobile phones are actually a threat.