Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday 19th January: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 19th January 2013 and...

Tesco Horse Burgers
It isn't illegal to put horses into burgers or any product in fact however it is illegal not to put in the label that the product contains horses. Tesco, Aldi and Lidl unfortunately didn't do this and have been in the press this week for putting horse meat in something that is labelled as 'beef burgers'. In the Tesco burgers there is apparently more than 20% of horse meat!
Tesco has been in even more trouble this week for tweeting this:

The next day, Tesco apologised for the joke. On a serious note though, all 3 huge supermarket chains are taking horse meat out of their products.

Google Opening New Office in London
Google has spent £650 million on the plot of land near Kings Cross Station and the buildings are estimated to be finished in 2016. The building should be worth around £1.6 billion when it is finished. This should bring hundreds, if not thousands of jobs to nerds all over London.
In my opinion, this is the perfect time to bring Computer Science to the British National Curriculum at least once a term. Google will be making new apps, new softwares, new programs, new operating systems and loads more in this new building and all of those need people who know how to write code. This means Schools needs to be planting the seeds for future computer programmers.

BlackBerry 10 Apps and Hub
It was announced earlier this week that the new BlackBerry Hub on BlackBerry 10 will be integrated with LinkedIn, Google Talk, Facebook and Twitter. You might even be able to direct message straight from BlackBerry Hub. If you didn't know, BlackBerry Hub combines most social networks so you can message people from one place. (As expected BlackBerry Hub also combines BlackBerry Messenger and test messages.)
BlackBerry opened its app marketplace for developers earlier this week. It now has over 15,000 apps and BlackBerry is promising each one of those developers $100 each for making a good app.

America opening first book-less library
Instead of books, this new library in Texas has hundreds of Apple iMacs and nothing else - this makes the library look a lot like an Apple store. 'Old fashioned'  libraries which feature books struggle to get funding as most non-fiction books go out of date pretty quickly because information is updated and changed, with this new library, all information is up-to-date and the library owners just need to pay for electricity once they have bought all the computers.
How successful do you think digital libraries will be and could you see them becoming more common?