Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Facebook 2013 Announcement 1

Facebook had a press event on Tuesday 15th January 2013 where they announced a brand new Facebook feature.

"Our mission is to make the world more open and connected, we do this by giving people tools so they can map out the stories of their lives." ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg first started by talking about their new campus and then he swiftly moved on and started talking about the 3 pillars of Facebook; News Feed, Timeline and a new thing called Graph Search. Graph Search is not the rumoured Facebook web search, instead it is personalised and searches through content which has been shared with you.

You can type into Graph Search "Which Friends live in London" and then Graph Search will bring up all of your friends who live in London. You can also filter the searches as well so it only comes up with friends, like or comments. You choose.
Facebook also lets you search for businesses and locations and then match them with your friends to see if your friends have visited there recently. This is ideal if you are organising a meal and want to know which friends like a certain restaurant or pub without trawling through all of your friends liked pages.

The possibilities with this new Graph Search are basically endless. From your friends best photos to a list of Star Wars films which your friends like.

"It's a completely new way for people to find information on Facebook." ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook say this new search feature will make users worry about their privacy so they now give you the option in settings to let you see what pictures and videos you have made public. They are letting users review their content before rolling this feature out for everyone. Facebook has also formally identified that Bing has been their partner whilst making this unique new feature.

Facebook has changed its logo on the homepage so it is now just the Facebook 'F'.

After a demo of Graph Search Mark Zuckerberg came back on and told journalists that tomorrow they will be announcing updates to languages, posts, and something called 'Open Graph'. Apparently the Facebook team have been working on some awesome new mobile apps.