Tuesday, 8 January 2013

CES 2013 - Day 1

It's the 8th January 2013 and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is finally officially open. Here are some of the highlights of the first day:

One of the TV's Samsung announced at CES 2013
Technology giant Samsung have released something which is being described as a floating TV. It is called the Samsung UN85S9 and it has 4K resolutions (which is basically the level after HD). It is the largest 4K TV yet with a screen size of 85-inches and to the untrained eye it seems to be floating however it in fact has a very thin and stylish stand. It even has hinges on it so you can move the screen up and down.
There are numerous reasons why this TV is the most impractical thing in the world; it is way to big, hardly any content is made to work on 4K TV's and nobody will be able to afford it.
However, this is what CES is all about!
The only content which is available is from a new Netflix Beta service which can stream certain shows to your 4K Samsung TV.

Another company which has recently adopted the 4K resolution idea is Panasonic however not for their TV's. For some reason they have given a 20-inch Windows 8 tablet the high quality display. This is insane because 4K resolution is fairly new and therefore very expensive so the price of this tablet will hike up. Because there are so many pixels that you are able to use, Panasonic provides you with a fine stylus. The tech company say that this tablet is aimed at photographers, designers and architects. Panasonic have added their own app to the device which looks like it is a high quality photo viewer, if you want to edit a photo you are put straight into the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop (because Panasonic and Adobe are partners on this product).

The Sony Xperia Z which is waterproof for 30 minutes
Sony has announced some crazy products at CES as well starting with the new Xperia Z smartphone which can survive for 30 minutes underwater. Texting in the bath has became more and more popular and this phone eliminates the chance of your phone braking next time you drop it in the water. Also, lots of people keep their phone in their back pocket which unfortunately means that when they sit on the toilet it drops out and hits the bottom of the pot. Well with the Xperia Z, the toilet water will not break the phone, your only problem will be wiping off the brown stains.
Apart from those amazing qualities, this phone has a HD screen, 13 MP camera and a micro-SD card slot. It runs the latest version of Android and it surprisingly has an NFC chip inside (NFC is basically the new Bluetooth)

In an unexpected move, Sony are bringing back the Walkman.
It won't be much competition to the Apple iPod so the product is a bit pointless, but hey, everything at CES is useless! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Qualcomm are a computer chip company and today they announced a new quad-core Snapdragon chip. It will be capable of supporting 55-megapixel images (ultra HD). This is actually a quite practical product because with companies such as Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and many more wanting to make faster and more powerful Windows 8 devices they will be looking for faster chips.

The Tweet from Windows Phone
Windows Phone tweeted that we could expect something exciting from them today and that came in the form of 2 new phones. The Samsung Ativ Odyssey was one of them. It is a 4-inch Windows Phone 8 device which has a 5 MP camera. It is not as big as the Samsung Ativ S which came out at the end of 2012 however it is still a good quality phone. It is set to come out over the next 2 weeks as a mid-range Windows Phone. Competitors are lightly to be the Nokia Lumia 710 and the HTC 8S.

The much anticipated Huawei Ascend W1
The other new Windows Phone is the Huawei Ascend W1 which is also going to be a midrange phone. @Evleaks has been posting pictures of this phone on it's Twitter account for months now so it has been expected for a while now. This device has a 4-inch screen and is extreemly standard - Huawei haven't even built any custom apps or photo lenses for the device.

Last product that I am going to tell you about is the world's first' curved OLED TV made by Samsung. It has a 55-inch screen and Samsung claim that it makes a 'more immersive viewing experience'.

More from CES coming tomorrow!